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Wagon Train Records.

A "DIY with Help" label."

A long time ago in a city not so far away, I ran Funky Mushroom - perhaps the finest NYC label of the 90s. That label folded...

When I left town, a few of the best bands followed, and I released 10 more titles under the Wagon Train banner.

I also began distributing some titles from other bands and labels, falling victim to more dark corners of the biz.

I'm not currently releasing any material, but most of these musicians are working as hard as ever.

The discs available from MMG are in many cases your best chance to hear a band's debut effort.

If I have material from your back catalog, which you would like returned, please let me know.

Not finding what you need? Let me know

to link to www.mentgroup.com grab the MMG logo from any page.

~Jonathan Ment/MMG

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